My name is Sierra Hillebrand. I provide birth doula services, and prenatal/ postnatal education and support services in the Ann Arbor, Toledo and Metro Detroit areas.

I believe that pregnancy and birth are some of the most important events in the lives of parents, children and families. The arrival of a child can be a time of great joy and anticipation, as well as a time when parents may face fear, challenges and uncertainty in the face of the unknown. When parents are well supported, this can be a time of deepening relationships and incredible personal growth. Even at their most challenging, pregnancy, birth and early parenting often prompt parents to connect with their deepest strengths and resources, allowing them to develop tools and perspectives that are essential for years to come.

My services are designed to offer parents the support, education and empowerment necessary to walk through this passage with the greatest possible security, joy and ease.

For more information about services, or to schedule an appointment,  email or call 734-222-9023.